Supply Chain Solutions Help Worthy Promo Climb to Number Two in Alabama

Worthy Promotional Products, parent company for The OhSo Co. and Bahama Bo’s, was recently named the second fastest growing privately owned company in the state of Alabama for 2020 by Inc. 5000. How does the owner, Bo Worthy, feel about that accomplishment? “We’re so pleased to enjoy this kind of growth. And we were this close to number one in the state!” said Worthy holding up his fingers to show about a half inch. He continued, “I think this is great validation that we have the right priorities in place. We are focused on providing high quality products, high demand products, that are made in North America, and making them available quickly. That matters a lot today. You know, the supply chain is a challenge for a lot of companies right now. So our ability to meet demand and ship quickly across the US has proven to be very valuable to our partners. We continue to focus on listening to the needs of our partners. When they tell us they have empty shelves, or they expect empty shelves soon, we look at their needs and try to find a way to get that truck loaded and on the road. We want to say yes, as often as possible.”

How has Worthy Promo been able to move product to more than 30,000 brick and mortar stores across the US? By establishing a fully functioning distribution center in Laredo, Texas, and additional storage in Wetumpka, Alabama. “Texas is an excellent location for us to be able to reach out to the entire country. From a logistics point of view, that was a big decision that has made us able to respond quickly and efficiently,” said Chas Worthy, VP of operations at Worthy.

And while paper products have been the lion’s share of the Worthy brand’s success across the US, Worthy Promotional Products continues to expand their product offering to meet demand. Expanding from paper product staples like OhSo Soft Bathroom Tissue and OhSo Strong Paper Towels to new items including plastic cups and biodegradable garbage bags.

Worthy Promo continues to set high goals with the hopes of continuing to climb the list of fastest growing privately owned companies in the US. As number 86 out of 5,000 according to Inc. 5000, there’s still a ways to go. “As long as we continue to concentrate on providing excellent products that are in high demand, and make them available quickly—we should keep on growing. We’re in a good position to keep doing that. So that’s a good thing,” says Matt Worthy, VP of sales and marketing.

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