Heavy Duty Paper Towels Just Became a Staple

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It’s really no surprise that toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing products are selling out during this lengthy COVID-19 pandemic. However, it used to be that a coming hurricane or blizzard would cause panic buying, and that was a very different shopping list. People flocked to the store to make sure they had enough staples to last a week or two. Before 2020, paper towels weren’t likely to sell out as fast as, say, toilet paper. Well, true to form, 2020 continues to change what we call “normal.”

Promoted to “Staple” Status

Frankly, the entire concept of “staple” has been affected by COVID. It used to be that staples were mostly food items like water, milk, and bread. Non-food items like toilet paper and batteries also made the list. When the pandemic hit, we saw entirely new items climb to the top of the list along with the previous necessities. Hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and cleaning supplies have been catapulted to the apex of demand, and paper towels hitched a ride as an accessory.

“Heavy Duty” Is Now More Appealing Than “Absorbent”

For years, we’ve seen TV commercials that demonstrate how absorbent a paper towel can be, mopping up messy spills. Over the last few years, we’ve also seen a movement toward “select a size,” which had a major impact on the paper towel industry. While absorbency and smaller sheets are still great features for a paper towel, today there’s need for a new feature: heavy duty. There are a lot of surfaces to clean with a variety of different textures, and that requires something more sturdy. OhSo Strong Paper Towels are heavy duty, feature a convenient size (“smart size” let’s call it), and they’re still soft to the touch.

Long-Term Demand for Heavy Duty Paper Towels

With COVID being a global phenomenon, the public is sure to be hyper germ conscious for years to come. Even after we get COVID under control through vaccines and effective treatments, there’s always the chance a new virus will rear its ugly head. We expect continued high demand for sanitizer, disinfectant, and multi-surface cleaning products. And there will continue to be a need for heavy duty paper towels to help accomplish related tasks.

OhSo Strong Paper Towel Checks All the Boxes

“Heavy Duty” is written on the packaging. Check. The size of our paper towel is rectangular, for convenient size options. Check. While it’s sturdy for multi-surface cleanup jobs, it’s also soft to the touch. Check. The price point is competitive. Check. It’s ready to ship in a snap, so it’s easy to keep your shelves stocked. Check.

Check out OhSo Strong Paper Towels and feel the difference.

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