Cleaning Supplies: Is the Shortage Over?

The cleaning supplies shortage of 2020 continues across the country for many states and stores. The supply chain for American retail companies is working hard to meet demand with supply, but the obstacles are significant. With shutdown mandates and restrictions implemented on a state-by-state basis, it’s proving difficult for the whole of America to restock shelves. Retail companies that are open are dealing with a consistent shortage of basic cleaning supplies. While Clorox wipes and Lysol disinfectant spray have been difficult for shoppers (and vendors) to find, another company has claimed a small piece of the suddenly-larger pie by providing quality products in short time. Enter The OhSo Co.

Matt Worthy, VP of Sales and Marketing for The OhSo Co. shared his insight into the reason why they’ve seen such strong interest in their company’s disinfectant and cleaning products.

“One of the advantages we have as a family owned business is being agile. When larger companies are slow to move, we’re able to quickly solve problems and meet demand. It’s pretty simple. Our disinfecting products and cleaning products work great, they have appealing product features that shoppers are looking for, and the price points are very competitive. That has generated a lot of interest.”

According to Felix Turner, a corporate affairs manager for Kroger, there is a mix of stabilization and continued high demand for surface cleaner products. In the recent article “Retail Stores Prepare for Second Wave of Pandemic” Mr. Turner explains more. “The supplies of household staples that were in short supply at the onset of the pandemic such as toilet paper, bleach, hand sanitizer and hand wipes have improved,” he said. “Items in high demand that are selling out quickly include paper towels, certain surface cleaners and surface cleaning wipes.”

“Selling out quickly” is the key phrase.


Many retailers are one truckload from experiencing a shortage.

The OhSo Co. flagship product is their Disinfectant Multi-Surface Spray. Its formula is EPA approved, and found on List N (The EPA’s list of Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19)). This  product is currently in stock, available for bulk purchase, and ready to ship immediately.

Additionally, The OhSo Co. has three cleaning products with a strategic list of features that appeal to today’s shoppers. All OhSo Co. surface cleaners share the following features:




No Colorants

Paraben Free

Cruelty Free

No Ammonia

No Bleach

The OhSo Co. Kitchen & Surface Cleaner

Tangerine scented

Trigger spray bottle

16.7 FL OZ

The OhSo Co. Bathroom & Surface Cleaner

Mint scented

Trigger spray bottle

16.7 FL OZ

The OhSo Co. Glass & Surface Cleaner

Lemon scented

Trigger spray bottle

16.7 FL OZ

The cleaning supplies shortage is still going strong, except if you’ve discovered The OhSo Co. If you need disinfectant spray and cleaning supplies, The OhSo Co. is ready to ship. Keep your shelves stocked and your customers OhSo happy.

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