Another Toilet Paper Shortage on the Horizon?

toilet paper shortage buy it by the case
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There could be a national shortage of toilet paper (or bathroom tissue) coming for a second time in 2020. The first shortage occurred when the pandemic first hit—causing bare shelves, nationally, for multiple products including toilet paper and hand sanitizer. As of mid-November, 2020, there is an increase in reported cases of COVID nationally, and the peak season for the flu is around the corner, normally occurring between December through February. With talks of another possible lockdown coming, shoppers are prepping by stocking up at the store and online, before the anticipated official announcement.

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Toilet paper is one of the first things to sell out whenever there’s a run on the stores. Winter storm, hurricane, pandemic. If people think they won’t be able to make it to the store for a while, toilet paper is practically always on the shopping list. It’s a staple. As a retail provider of toilet paper, stocking up on bathroom tissue is like stocking up on gold.

Now let’s talk about repeat business. It’s not that hard to sell something to your customers once. But earning repeat business requires that you provide a quality product at a competitive price. OhSo Soft toilet paper does that in spades. We’ve been sending this product across the US to major chains by the truckload for a reason. Because it’s soft, it’s quality, and it’s affordable.

The OhSo Co. is here to help provide much-needed toilet paper for the country. We are providing access to toilet paper to national chains, small business owners, and through our website

As our nation moves forward into these new circumstances—a post COVID world—it is crucial that the American supply chain react, adjust, and stabilize to enable America’s providers of retail products to obtain and maintain their stock of high-demand products like toilet paper. The OhSo Co. has risen to this challenge, to supply North American-made, quality products at a competitive price, and on a tight timeline, to help our economy respond to increased demand. Welcome to The OhSo Co. Where our products, our prices, and our customer service are OhSo impressive.

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