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Earth Friendly Never Worked so hard.

Join the wave of consumers seeking to make the World a better place, without sacrificing strength or quality. OhSo Earthy Biodegradable Trash Bags come in a variety of counts and sizes – perfect for every application, at home and the office. 

Coming August 2021

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about our products

We have over 30 years of experience in the household cleaning, personal care, and paper product industries

We use North American sources for all of our products, and take a unique approach to sourcing that gets retail-ready products to your shelves in less than half the time of other suppliers, and with twice the quality. Because of our unique expertise, you don’t have to have empty shelves and you don’t have to plan months in advance. Never be put on allotment again.


We Deliver

We deliver when no one else can and in any and all volumes necessary. Give us a call today.


Our team is headquartered in Alabama, with warehouses and offices in TX, AL, NJ, & FL.


With so many systems in place in today’s business environment, few companies offer flexibility. We excel at it.

Delivering What No One Else Can

High Volumes in All Seasons. High Quality Every Step of the way.

2pk OhSo Strong-153.7sqft-UPDATED

OhSo Strong Paper Towels

Available in 2pk and 6pk Varieties. 
Heavy Duty Jumbo Rolls.
November 2020 Bestseller.

The OhSo Co-Kitchen & Surface Cleaner

Kitchen & Surface Cleaner

Cuts through tough grease and grime with a first-class tangerine scent, all without harsh chemicals or additives.

The OhSo Co-OhSo Soft-12pkTissue-Front

OhSo Soft Bathroom Tissue

Available in 4pk and 12pk Varieties. 
2-Ply Premium Bathroom Tissue. Septic Safe. In Stock Now.


The Paper Route Pallet Program

Saving on warehouse space saves you money, that’s why we created our direct-to-store pallet program.

CEO strategy

Our Take On Reinventing The Supply Chain Network.

No two companies operate the same way. Recognizing and reacting to this is what sets us apart.

We never place systems over people. We work with buyers and companies to create programs that work in a way that fits their needs best. We’re more than just a catalog of products. We’re a company that saves you money all the way down the line, and makes your workload lighter in the meantime.

"We make quality products, we move fast, and we adapt to the customer's needs. That's why we grow every year."
Bo Worthy, Founder, President, CEO of Worthy Promo
Bo Worthy

Based in Alabama

Located just north of Montgomery in Eclectic, Al - on the southern shores of beautiful Lake Martin.

3 Warehouses in AL & TX

Warehouses located across the US in central and strategic locations to better serve our customers.

Products Made in USA & MX

Keeping the manufacturing here in the US and just across our southern border shortens lead times tremendously.

Growth - Year After Year

We continue to grow every year by keeping our promises and building long term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Creative solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Creative and Strategic Solutions designed to lighten the load on your distribution warehouses.

clean up on aisle five

Don't let your shelves go stale.

We offer new and exciting products that will bring a fresh new look to your assortments. And we welcome buyer feedback, and can even customize packaging and assortments to maximize sell through and customer satisfaction.

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