The OhSo Co. OhSo Soft Premium Bath Tissue 24 Rolls (2-12 Packs)

+ Two 12-Packs of OhSo Soft Premium Bathroom Tissue

+ Each 12-Pack Features 2-Ply Premium Sheets with 400 Sheets Per Roll

+ White, Non-Scented Extra Soft Tissue

+ Eco-Friendly Manufacturing, Made From Recycled Pulp

+ Septic Safe



Stock Up on OhSo Soft Bathroom Tissue & Smile. It’s Eco-Friendly.

The OhSo Co. OhSo Soft Bathroom Tissue has been attracting some attention across the US. For starters, people like the texture (extra soft) and the price point. But we’re also seeing positive feedback about the fact that OhSo Soft Bathroom Tissue is made from recycled pulp, making it an eco-friendly toilet paper (sustainable product). And, some people seem to like that it’s septic safe. Put all that together, and you have a great option for bathroom tissue.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 9 in


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