The OhSo Co. Household Cleaner, 80-Count Alcohol Wipes and 1-Pack Paper Towel Combo Pack

This Combo Pack Includes: 16.7 Oz Kitchen & Surface Cleaner and 16.7 Oz Glass & Surface Cleaner, 80-Count Alcohol Wipe Canister, and One Roll of OhSo Strong Paper Towels

+ Household Cleaner Eco-Friendly Features Include: Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, No Colorants, Paraben Free, No Bleach, and Wonderful Citrus Scent That Leaves Your Kitchen Surfaces and Glass Looking Clean and Smelling Fresh

+ OhSo Clean Antibacterial Alcohol Wipes 80-Count Kills 99.9% of Germs, Safe for Hands. Active Ingredient is 70% Ethyl Alcohol. Ideal for Use on Hands and Surfaces to Disinfect

+ OhSo Strong Paper Towel, Single Roll with 160 Smart-Size Sheets, 2-Ply. Ideal for Deep Cleaning, Wiping Up Spills, and Hand Napkin



Wipe It Down. Wipe It Up. Wipe It Clean with this Combo.

This combo starts with an eco-friendly set of kitchen and glass cleaners that both work on surfaces, and leave your place smelling citrus fresh. We added an alcohol wipe that’s safe for hands and surfaces. Then we tossed in a heavy-duty OhSo Strong Paper Towel roll. When you’re serious about getting things clean, this is the combo to do it.

Our Kitchen & Surface Cleaner features a pleasant tangerine scent. Our Glass & Surface Cleaner features a refreshing lemon scent. Use the Kitchen & Surface Cleaner and Glass & Surface Cleaner on all of your usual surfaces for a sparkling clean and fresh scent. OhSo Clean Antibacterial Alcohol Wipes kill 99.9% of germs and are safe to use on hands. And OhSo Strong Paper Towels are perfect to wipe up, clean up, and deep clean when necessary.

You’ll notice on our cleaning product labels the words “Soft Clean Strong.”

It’s OhSo soft because there are no harsh chemicals.

It’s OhSo clean because it leaves your surfaces sparkling.

And it’s OhSo strong because it works so hard!


For more details about eco-friendly features, see the bullet points above.


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